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Help for 'cp'


What is a checkpoint?

Sindome backs itself up on a periodic basis and the staff may backup the game at any time to save their work. The current rate of automated backup is every 12 hours.

When the game backs itself up to disk, there is the potential for the game to briefly lag, this is normal and considered OK.

When the game backs up, you and all your info are backup with it. If the game ever crashes and we are forced to load from a backup, your character will be reverted to whatever state he/she was in when the backup was created. No reimbursment of ANY KIND will be made when/if this form of event should occur. Do not ask, we will not do so under any circumstances.

Successful checkpoint message:
[OOC: The game has been saved and backed up successfully to disk. 'help cp']

Failed checkpoint message:
[OOC: Warning, the game was unable to back itself up to disk. 'help cp']

CP can also stand for Cyberpunk.
*Last Updated: 06/12/18 by Fengshui*
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PORT: 5555

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