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Help for 'expose'

Syntax: expose face
       expose myself

If you want to break your disguise without taking clothing or makeup or another disguising item off you can do this using 'expose face' or 'expose myself'. This will make it easy to change your hairstyle or use makeup without being 'disguised' if you want. Or to reveal your identity without removing the disguise item.

If you want to quickly show an @naked off without having to undress. This is done using 'expose PART/S'. 'PART/S' are typically @naked names like 'left foot' or 'head'. But it can also be things like 'hands' or 'feet' or 'legs'. When exposing something under your clothing, this is essentially your character moving the clothing aside long enough for others to see. Using expose this way does not break your disguise (except for 'expose face', which reveals your face and drops your disguise).

help unhide
help disguise
help @nakeds
help description
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