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Help for 'filesystems'


Many devices in the game interact with virtual filesystems that share a lot of similarities with real world computer systems.

These devices enable the sharing of and interaction with data present in the Sindome world, so knowing a few basics can go a long way.


File paths are tree data structures, like folders contained in folders
not at all unlikely regular computer directories.

A 'full file path' looks like this:

And it can be broken down like this:
1: - This is the filesystem we're using, like a drive. It starts at 1.
       It is safe to drop this usually, as most file systems will assume
       you want to work with the first filesystem.
       Though, this can be useful when working with multiple filesystems.

/some_folder/ - This is a path, specifically a directory named
                  'some_folder' located at the root filesystem.

nlm.txt       - This is a file. Files always end with a ..
                  The type of file and what it can be used with is
                  determined by the extension.

In shorthand, it is possible to also reference files quickly like:
/nlm.txt      - This says we want to target nlm.txt on the root folder.

help simsense
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