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Help for 'sic'

Secure Identification Chip (SIC)

The SIC is a technology used by the city to both monitor the citizens and let them communicate with each other. Implanted by the Withmore Immigration Control upon your entrance to the city, it allows you to communicate publicly or privately with everyone IN the dome. Potentially, anyway. Signal is maintained reliably in some areas of the city where the populace are productive economic contributors. Economically unimportant areas are known to suffer service outages and are not prioritized by maintenance engineers.

The implant, a tiny microchip "somewhere" in your neck, transmits chosen thoughts through the network. The implant can store a limited amount of information, such as your name, a brief message as well as encryption keys. The SIC network is maintained by New Light Media, the massive media conglomerate, and is subsidized by the city through the Withmore City Services agency.

Messages on the SIC, both public and private, appear as something akin to thoughts in your head. You assign them a voice and a gender based on the context of the message and your perception of the person messaging you. If you believe you know the person (keeping in mind SIC aliases are not locked and can be taken over by someone else) your mind may assign the message a voice and tone consistent with how that person sounds in the real (IC) world. It's your mind though, and you are in control.

Certain uses of the SIC network will incur a charge that you must pay after a certain amount. When you first attempt to use of the chargeable commands, you'll be prompted to agree to the costs.

help sic-commands
help sic-encryption
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