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Help for 'tidi'


TiDi is a psychedelic used by the SCF and the Withmore Justice Force as an alternative punishment. Antagonising dopamine receptors in the body, the time effectively slows down to the 1% of its' normal speed, prolonging any feelings that the user might be feeling at the time. The effects take a toll on both the physical and mental health of the prisoner, as being stuck in a tiny iso-cube, alone with no thoughts for what seems like multiple years is an experience that turns your brain into mush. As the organ loses its' grip on time, it also loses grip on reality as thoughts that'd normally happen in the blink of an eye become complex, synchronized motor actions become impaired and you start to overestimate intervals.

Mere seconds turn into hours of a state of nothingness that seemingly never end. The brain, unable to keep up with reality, records fewer densely rich memories, making you believe that the time you spent in that cube was a huge state of nothingness with you in an iso-cube for however much the punishment was - be it ten, twenty, or thirty years. So what happens when you've finally served your sentence? Well, it's not over yet. Your brain struggles to find grasp on reality once again as your mind wanders, aimlessly, in an attempt to find out exactly -what- had happened in those perceived ten years, albeit unsuccessfully, only remembering the blank state of years spent in the iso-cubes.

It's been a long time since you saw your chummers. Your ace telling you that you were drinking in the Drome yesterday? No, that can't be right... Can it?

RP accordingly and remember that TiDi is not to be taken lightly. It's a traumatizing experience, hard on the body and the mind, forcing you to believe that years of your lives were lost - alone, in a cramped space, no one beside you, nothing to do. It will take time for everything to snap back into place and you may recover, but that blank state - the lost time - in your mind will -always- exist, in the corner, looming as a reminder of why you should Obey the Law.

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