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Tactical Emergency Response and Resistance Agency

The Tactical Emergency Response and Resistance Agency (TERRA) is the law enforcement agency in the Red Sector. TERRA Agents handle the day to day law enforcement there, leaving the street judges free to patrol the Gold Sector, Green Sector, and Blue Sector. TERRA was started in the mid-eighties by a man called Lucifer who has since disappeared. The head Agent of TERRA is Marie Consqualia Gomez Navillio Chavez Ramon. TERRA employs many people, and is one of only a handful of corporations operating inside Withmore City that employ people living in the Red Sector Mixers as their primary work force.

Unlike the Street Judges, TERRA Agents are not permitted to carry firearms. Outfitted with personalized jump suits and extendable batons, the Agents do all they can to keep the population of RED at bay

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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