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Legend--wait for it--dary

Many dangerous people have called Withmore City their home, who's the most legendary to walk through the gates of the Dome?

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Nicadeamus Fraiser - The Best Blade on Fuller
Gerik Phillips - Judge, TV Star, Bad Ass
Aikao - The Red-Ike
Allandra Johanson - The Amazon
Ari Franks - Motherf*%king [[REDACTED]]
Seven Ecks - The Fuller Street Snake
Chris Wildfire - Of the Carnal Desires Fame
Angus 'Rez' Killian - Stubborn, Sociopathic, Hotshot Decker Gearhead
Navarre Russo - Courier Extraordinaire
Zach Smith - The Tyrion Lannister of the Dome
Siken - Red Mamba of the Knife Street Serpents
Patrick Murphy - The Judge
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