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Character Arts for Facebook
Character Arts to be posted on Facebook!

Hey folks!

I'm looking to share Character Arts onto the Sindome Facebook page, though I don't want to just take pictures from the Character Arts thread and post them. So we're going to use this thread as a way for you to submit your Character Art to be shared on the Sindome Facebook page.

This way we can ensure that you're happy with your art being posted (Only post it in this thread if you are happy for it to be posted, otherwise post here: https://www.sindome.org/bgbb/open-discussion/anything-really/character-arts-776/) and we have a fresh feed of character art to be posted.

Thanks for your contributions!

There ya go.


Hard choice.

I had a really hard time choosing just one to post here. :P

So I decided to go with something I drew, even though I think other artists might have done better work of my character!

These are really good, keep them coming!

The first one get's posted today.

Second image has been posted!


Avarius Pike

"You must be new here, mijo."

Full color version with a quote.


Keep them coming, the third one has been posted: https://www.facebook.com/sindome.org/posts/10155756555667192:0

Another one posted!

I need more, keep them coming!


I'm sure old characters are fine?

Sigh, try #2

ok so 'upload' doesn't work...

Hope ya'll don't mind Tony's Pizza and Tony's Soda.

Oh, and obscene hand gestures.