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character arts
do you have them?

I personally like to have art reference when I play... do not have any idea if there is a thread somewhere for this already (if so I did not see it readily so it must be way back there.)

Anyway if not imma start one.

Shit that was tiny.. lets try that again..

It comes out fine to me, the size. Any larger and it would be too big imo.

There are characters here too:

Upload yours there too. :)


...I am so bad at this.. okay fuck it..

I have no idea if I did that right.. in theory you should be able to click it.. in theory.

Yep and that's nice.
Woah I never even knew that character page existed..
*big grin* You're welcome. :P
My character has "matured" since these, but his features haven't changed :)

Woah! That's so awesome. Hahah, man. I am totally loving the facial expression beyond measure, that is my favorite part of whole picture right there. x)
This was a thing that was made.
I did not do that right. I think I need a preview post feature.

I need to whip up a proper picture of my character if we're all sharing! I'll try and get one done soon.
A surly sketch of the surly smoker herself.
...also unexpectedly tiny. Maybe this time:

I thought she needed a face.

I thought she needed a face.

Fuck it I give up.
sorry thought i uploaded

New pictures! This is half size so hopefully fits..
Or you know I could just fuck it all up. Lets try that again..

<3 that Wildgiller.

Those eyebrows are so severe along with that bitchy little grin..BA

Newbie here. This is what I got:

These are great.

Can we please reduce the size of them though?

Before you upload?


Or upload to a photo site and then post the thumbnail which will show a small picture, but we can click it and the larger picture will show?


For some reason I figured her black haired... but that -look-, oh yeah, that one was in my mind already.

Thumbnails not a bad idea.

I went back to cleaning up the drawing after looking it over..

(the 'nades were making me nuts) So I'll attempt to make this less huge..

Mini Screencap:


Wildgiller did you draw inspiration from this:

And this:

o.o Woah, I didn't but those are gorgeous. What is that from? I want to see more!!
That's the infamous Sara Kerrigan from the Star Craft series, one of video game's most coveted female villain tropes.
Old, but little sketch of my character, best I can really do:

Also, Ms. White hair yellow eyes reminds me of system shock!

One day I'll find out how imaging works I swear...

3rd time lucky?

By the mention of inspiration, I too am suddenly reminded of a certain someone, however questionable the similarity may be.

A friend of mine drew a more stylized version of my char, as in the Sindome universe they lack the flashy electrotats:

And ofc best friends 4ever etc:

@jwimpeney & coconut

This is HTML and you can see little cheat codes at the top of the "Post a Reply" window.

To create a link to something, use the [ ] url /url codes.

To show an image, you should be able to upload it or use the [ ] img /img codes with the URL of a picture.



3rd time lucky. Hell I'm tired. :)

Aha, thanks! I'll remember for the future XD
This awesome piece was done for me by one of our players, voluntarily. Wish I could draw like this :/

Wildgiller, I'm very into your newer pic. Are you the artist?
I am! ^^

Here's Sven, by Snook-8.

Er... Okay, I see why everyone is having issues now. DA:
Do you by chance take commissions, Wildgiller?
well.. i don't normally.. but I am broke from life events and need to go on this trip to renew my work Visa soon... so I should probably take commissions where available.

[email protected] is easier to reach me at these days.

Work e-mail. Since I live there now. -.-

Bunny ears not included.

That's ba heliodor. She's beautiful. Did you draw that?
oooh.. so gorgeous I love the watercolor effect and the eyes! The eyes are amazing!

My weird little buddy Morgan.

I'd like to make this better/add a background/give him something to actually be sitting on at some point. I'm just starting to get back into drawing after a VERY long hiatus.

Bleh. That was very tiny.

Let me try again.


Here's someone Morgan knows, and a little bit of Grey:

like 18 concepts

Raifuru, AKA Twintail.

That's so cute and well drawn!
Love them both Revex and Sevencolor. Great art. Just wish I could draw. And of course Raifuru is eating pizza haha
I want to draw my character but I literally cannot draw (I have a palsy/tremor in my dominant hand, making it near-impossible to draw decently). But I'd really like proper drawing for my character. I tried Reddit, but I haven't had any luck so far. Does anybody of know any sites or people that take requests for this type of thing?
Someone else did this amazing drawing of Morgan, so it looks like there's no point in me ever trying again.

Thanks, Manywaters :)



Sticky-Note doodle~

Aww sheit, i's gotta post my char pic too. Using Heromachine 3 also.
Sticky-Note doodle~

(Forum ate the photo the first time.)

Old School Characters, set to music!

First attempt ever at watercolor... anything. :P

I haven't actually gotten round to drawing my character yet but I have a basic idea for how he'll look. (Basically imagine Han from F&F:Tokyo Drift but with more scars and tattoos)

Two for one.

Great work!
While I try to commission an artist...

Oh man, sort of afraid this looks like trash.


That's pretty good. I like the way the muscles are defined.
I did find a good site for commissions called
This is good, thanks Myth!
Well, unlike all of you people I have absolutely no artistic talent. I can barely draw stick figures. This means I have to rely on character creators and stuff, which limits my options, but this gives you the gist of the character's appearance.

Can you give me a link to some good character generators please, Stelpher (or anyone who knows of some good ones)? I suck at drawing and wouldn't mind recreating something for my character. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who draws so I can't even ask anyone. :/ Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of anime so I don't think that particular generator is my style.
I'm afraid I can't really help you, this is the only on I really use. Will post something if I find it though, otherwise your best chance is just typing "character creator" and seeing what you find.
You guys that are looking for artists can always try fiverr too.

Art starts at $5 and then goes up from there depending on what you want done and what kind of copies you want.

Decent site, Myth.


This thread is a bit of kismet. I actually came here looking to offer portrait services. I'd done a single character from Sindome previously, and I see her here, and I see she didn't post my work. Yeah, I see you here, Naz! :P. But, I digress. I will admit, I haven't played. I haven't got the time at the moment, aaand I may or may not play somewhere else. But I like money, and I figured I'd at least extend the offer I've been working with another few muds here.

I work in 3D. I don't have the time to model additional things specifically for you, and probably won't go nuts re-texturing anything, but I have a massive library of work in my studio's file. I'm confident I have enough that can make a solid portrait for your character. I charge between $50 and $100 based on the complexity of your job. I don't take payment until the job is finished, and you're happy with it. What I do is get a description of your character, any specific requests you may have. I'll come back to you with a quote based on how complex it's going to get, create a draft render. We'll tweak, add, remove, or change things as necessary up to three major revisions to get it how you like. If at the end, you like it, pay for it via paypal. If you don't like it, don't pay for it.

Here's a link to a small gallery of my recent work -

It's...hosted on a forum for another mud. Sorry. I probably should've uploaded a gallery to my own domain before coming here, but I didn't. Make sure to click the full size links in the comments to see the higher quality versions.

At any rate, if you have any interest, feel free to email me at [email protected] with requests, character description, or any questions you might have.

Alright, it's done and finally here!

Thanks to Lho Brockhoff's amazing, affordable and patient work! Here's his AnC page so go and dump money and work on him!

Thank you! =3
I don't think that could be more perfect. Their eyes say it all. Now i have to check that artist out, too.
I just noticed that one of the artists who has done a Gypsy picture posted on this thread and noted that I hadn't posted his picture that he did for me!

Its nothing against the artist... I have a crap ton of pictures of Gypsy that I haven't posted! I didn't want to spam you guys with my enthusiasm for character pictures. Here is the one he did, which I love!

Oh yeah. Totally see her like that, posture and all <3. Missing some mixer grime tho' ;-D
He also gave me a head and shoulders from a different angle, which was a neat bonus!

Breaking my shirtless record, and adding...CLOTHES?!?

Please post normal size.

Seeing as my character has since had a clothing change, thought I'd update here.

Not original, but totally on point.

Trying out a new art style while I wait for my computer to finish formating/unfucking itself up.

Turned out a tad older-looking than I intended, but w/e.

Her hair is supposed to be waist length but this will have to do in lieu of me finding someone suitable to draw her for me.

Grumble grumble grumble. It works if you open it in a new tab but doesn't show up in that last post...


Oooh, dat hair

Playing with an avatar creator for a quick character visual...

My guy is not really that hard to visualize I think. But for interested parties, this is the closest I've found.
Hah! Love it.

I'm having fun with these...

I found this sketch by chance and felt it captured my character pretty well. It was accompanied by a lovely quote which I will include here just because.

If this is my heartache, then let it be mine to endure. Permit me to feel it in its entirety. Don’t tell me how much of you I am allowed to love.

— Lang Leav (Drawing by Ohgigue)

Hiya! :)


Aaaaaaaaand a surprise for his player... my imagining of this guy.

Awesome! Looks just like the character :P
Here's that sketch of your character, Revex :v

@Seurat Got yours too, bb.

You're definitely the better artist, (Tom, Tam? I can't read that small.).

Better picture incoming.

If the boards fuck this photo again, I'm going to cry and give up.


Thank ye~

(The signature says "Ian Mac", lol)
Something along these lines, look how good I fake draw.

Might draw a picture of her in the future.. But for now this. :D
Urgh doesn't work...

There we go. :)

Yay more art, I love art trades!

Those last two are seriously, freaking awesome.

JC what the fuck, what the hell, qué carajos.

Ooooh, me likey! :)
Oh gosh! Those are really lovely, Manywaters.
Oh my gosh, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much, this is lovely! <3
Haha. I told you I'd eventually get around to other renders. This is the season where my business slows way down because everybody's saving for Christmas and such, so I finally had time to revisit it. I'll do more if I have time.
Madre de Dios.

Hot and stylish, love her! Great work Ratchet!

This, especially in hairstyle ATM, and general clothing layout.
If anyone's wondering where the art is from, it's from a trilogy called Invisible Apartment. The third installment. Not original/commission art. But that's pretty much what my character is like.
I'm just discovering this thread, and I must say I love it, it's so cool to see what these characters look like, and it's really cool when I see some IC art I've done making it into a character concept. I'd add to this with a picture of my character but I am a terrible artist, I'll see about getting one done though.
Panthea (heromachine3 because I'm a crappy artist)

Yelling. Screaming.

" />
Everybody's favorite (to hate) corporate scumbag!

Slowly relearning to use Illustrator, don't mind the low quality.

I'm going to try this one last time.


Jesus please.

Thats a neat style, Revex!

Oh wow, who did that? Love the color scheme. Great work. You're putting us all to shame Manywaters U_U
Have you seen this woman?
What Kuzco said.
Wow! I hadn't looked at this thread in a while. I knew our community was filled many talented people but I had no idea just how talented you all are! This is incredible.
I hoped this would happen when I started the thread.

It's been a year and I am not disappointed.

Fucking. Amazing. Artists. Everywhere.

I've been too sick and busy to draw my character on my own, but today William Gibson of all people retweeted this image from and I was like, "Yep, that's pretty much her".

The blood, the coat, the shell-shocked resolve, it's all there. Eyes are the wrong color, though.

Very awesome, all! :D
Very good friend of mine did this as a surprise birthday gift, wanted to share it.

Still fidling with Heromachine. Slowly getting there, i guess...
I so need to commission somebody! I'm jealous!
I feel like this belongs here with the others since it was based off a player's character.

Or don't like the link.

Did I mention I hate our boards? >.>

oh my god i never noticed the sandwich
I'm feeling incredibly nostalgic.

Many of the photos are of Aikao, the Red Ike. Which I feel fits the music eckseptionally well. A lot of Amy originals in there, as is mentioned in the comments. It's really crazy to me to watch this... it's from nearly 10 years ago.

Some of the pics are really photos of actual art that appears on doorways in Vancouver. You can even see a doorknob in one or two of them. Almost all of them are based on in character events from the history of Withmore...

Let me walk you through it....

The man carrying the woman is Ike, carrying Sini through the badlands...

Seven at a bar with... Sini? Chindi? Fuck, I don't even know.

Seven, or maybe Felix with a Kat.

Felix at a bar.

Sini, I think.

Sini smoking in a window, having a bad day...

Ike and Daemon Christian making peace. Man versus himself.

Mother fucking Trancer.

Iga's WCS poster.

The Green Dragon "Seven" Ecks. People used to not know that Seven was his real name.

Ike looking like Vash the Stampede.

Felix again.

Ike in the most iconic pose ever.

Judge Volkyre at a mag-lev station, wondering if he's about to get got by Seven in the shadows... god, look at that art.

Aikao. This is on a wall or do, in real life in vancouver. King of the mother fucking mix.

Navarre in the Badlands.

Ike carrying Sini in the Badlands. In FULL TECHNICOLOR.

Aikao squaring off against King Moss/Brixton. Jesus christ, the memories. Moss was so god damn scary.

Aikao and Seven, katana battling, Seven being pushed back by the greatest street sam ever to walk the streets of Withmore...

The man about to jump off Westinghaus with someone chasing after them trying to stop them, is Ike, with Seven coming up behind. It's 2089, maybe 2090. I remember that RP so fucking vividly.

A Judge, probably Murphy, I think drawn by Murphy's player but I could be wrong. Obey the god damn law.

Seven in his patented Du-Wear Fedora (tm), on a doorway in Vancouver. King of the Mix. King of Fuller Street. King Snake. If you look closely, you can see Aikao in the background.

Ike again.

Seven Ecks, post banishment. August, 2089.

Sini. Looking like the jokers cousin.

Some random kung-fu by Ike's player.

Trancer! God damn he was a bad ass decker.

The Red Ike. Post banishment. Post Seven's banishment. Looking a whole lot of bad ass after spending more than three months (real time) in the badlands.

The Red Ike, with his patented red trench coat in probably the most recognizable of Sindome images.

Seven Ecks. But you should call him Snake. Du-Wear Eye patch.

Seven Ecks. But you should call him Michael Jackson.

Seven Ecks. This is how I see him. How I remember him. Cover art for Recombination.

Sini. Waking up. Probably going to be a bad day in the MIx.

Seven Ecks. Grid Terminal. Doing evil.

Sini? Someone else?

Sini. Jokers wild

Aikao and Daemon Christian. The duality of man.

Seven and Sini. Titanic scene. However, this (seriously) took place in the sewers below Red.

Daemon Christian. Badlands Marader.

Aikao, the clockwork.

Sini (i think).

Aikao. Cigarillo. MP11. Don't fuck with him.

Random cyberpunk chick for filler.

THE MOTHERFUCKING DOME. Image by Biff. No idea who he his but he is a fucking hero.

-- S

BA...thanks for posting and for the write-up, too. So much history in there. Its comforting to me to see all these different tales captured in still life. Its all passion wrought from words. Very cool.
I wanna pat Cerb's character onna head now.

@Slither: man, that really drives home just how much history this game has. Now I have this curious urge to build a time machine, to see what it was like back in the 90's/early 20's.

My character is not depicted in any of these images.
False advertising. Booooo.
A quick sketch I did! Maybe clean it up later, probably not. I'm lazy.

I will not cry!!!
Astounding, manywaters.
A sketch commission!

My attempt using a person stencil...

Inspired by recent discussions involving new lil' immies picking fights with established players right out the gates.

[Link to the full-sized image, just in case the BgBB's upload mechanism goofs up: ]

The sheer terror and tears on her face are great.
My char a year ago!

That was blurry...Hold on. If this doesn't work, sorry for spamming! T^T

I'm going to try one last time and then I -promise- I'll stop even if it doesn't work! >.<


And if it doesn't work:

This one has been in the works for a while, but just came through. Mojo and Raidne.

Because dramatic changes compel me to post updated images.

You know, because your look is your sword.

I've been getting lost in photoshop experiments between grinding at my job lately. This was supposed to just be a render of her back tattoo, but I took it a lot further than I meant to. Actually pretty pleased with what happened.

If this doesn't load right well I'm sorry okay?

Character art by my amazing SO!
@Adea: I love it, but you should post a larger version!

@Wildgiller: Unsurprisingly phenomenal

@Fogchild1: Wiz. Love all the little jacket details.

Tiny Gypsy standing on a wrench!

Oops, there we go! I had to put a huge background on this to make it fit into the avatar space without cutting something off. Its weird how it made it bigger!

Old snap

The Mambo isn't impressed:


Let's try that again.

The Mambo isn't impressed:

Done in two days by the one and only beauviarts

Thank you. Your chibi Gypsy is adorable.
OMG This is, once again, all kinds of badassery. Love those "fuck off" eyes.
Actor/Actress inspiration allowed?

Went to the place Kuzco linked, the dude's a really damn good artist! Took him just over 24 hours!

Guess who?




...Dammit. >.>
Once upon a time, there was a doctor.
Just kidding this is how the story began.

That HeroMachine stencil is BOSS MODE

Had a rough sketch but I'm not necessarily proud of it as my pencil is rusty and I'm not that talented, especially with Photoshop and the likes of other digital artistry.. I am in the process of a re-do, hope using a char-gen in the meantime isn't cheating, actuals will follow. ;).
Holy shit.
Character generator.. Not me. Will upload sketch when complete.. Playing with hairstyles atm.
That was a fun generator! It was hard to find, though!

Sorry was going to post it tonight, been busy. But yeah simple, many options.. Not always pertaining to unique characteristics or design but enough to give a physical view.. I try to do a sketch of every character I make but most are just to have something in front of me to help flesh out RP and characteristics.. But current one is driving a passion like never before.. And yet still find it kind of poorly designed/played but doing my best and hoping it does nothing bto do add to the OA. I haven't finished with the second sketch.. But starting to move to another re-do after doodling different styles.. Want to do an old military jacket but want to leave open for future tattoo's and scars (haven't finished anything yet and wanting to get another one done when I never have time, lol.

Absolutely gorgeous!
I couldn't resist jumping on the bandwagon...
Thank you kindly. Not that great, and I have a lot of trouble capturing the darker emotions (that I so adore), not like many of you, especially Manywaters, Wildgiller, and my god; Seurat amazingly. I need a lot of time for backgrounds, and use pictures for reference; scenery, poses, expression.. But long as ppl don't mind extended wait, I am willing to try to bring characters to life when I can.
And ha.. The beauty would be great for a corporate girl.. But if stuck to face the likes of red, I'd imagine it to more of a hinderance.. So I welcome the grime and filth, the bruises and scars; what better place than Withmore to brutally destroy any remnants of innocence.. Bring it on. ;o)~
Britt Sabo ( had opened commissions on twitter and I managed to snag a slot for my character.

Full version -

Thats reaaaaaally nice, Himble!
Whoaaaaaaaaaaa love those colors, really good job =D
Line art of the big tease herself. Color version with tattoos to follow.
Let's try this again
Third times the charm!

I apologize for the spam guys. I obviously stayed up way past my bedtime.

I hope this works!

@Flame @IronManticore

Love those :)

(I wish I could get my lineart to look that minimalistic and clean. >.>)

A sketch, courtesy of Seurat.
Let's try that again.

I think I might actually try to color this one up. But I'm lazy.

This is the first time I've tried to draw the malu tattoos on her legs. Those are tough, and mine are rough... I have lots of respect to the people who actually tattoo these things. :P

Yeah they mid have a lot of patience.. But freakin' amazing. ;)
I made this in, believe it or not, the Blade and Soul character creator and then screenshot-ed it. Pretty spot on!
I need to draw a new picture of my character...any suggestions of a pose for corpie milsec
Umm, maybe this will work.

Going to leave this actual photo as a placeholder while I get my new art going.

Probably too bubbly and happy to represent the dome at large, but to me, this fits perfectly. And I love anime style.

^ There.

I'm not great at Drawing...but I tried
Or like How about now
Or not...
Step one: Make sure your image is a forum-appropriate size (664 pixels seems to be where the boards max out)

Step two: Upload your image to imgur.

Step three: Get the image URL (the one that ends in a filename, .jpg or what have you). The easiest way to do this is to right-click the image after you've uploaded it and hit 'copy image location'.

Step four: use the bracketed img tag, paste the url, and then follow it with the bracketed /img tag. Then and only then will you get your image posted the first time around.

Quick sketch, as requested. :P



You're so talented, Many.
Oh, Miss Greyson. I've missed you.
<3 Kiptik, I was gone way too long. I've still got the wonderful memories from a lot of beautiful scenes though.
I used my SD character for a campaign a pal is running with The Sprawl, which is a really fuckin' good cyberpunk tabletop game using the PbtA game system.

A friend did an art, and it's remarkably SD-appropriate.

Behind a link because of bludd and also it says a fuck word on it.

fucking FINALLY

apparently the last URL I used gave up on me


litso and bonus michaelis

will also draw people i rp with depending on if my hand is working that day

pc edition

fixed bg woops

These are a blast. :D
This is my idiot, Kain Ulfa Strauss.

I may ink it later, sorta just a rough I did whilst browsing!

Not the best at drawing so here's character gen one and I'm also not good with that but I tried.
Please work.
This is the last time, Sorry for the spam.
What I do for image uploading, is load it to tinypic at then use the board here to post that.
You guys should try using imgur as your image uploader.

Just upload the image to imgur, and when the image processes, right click and go to "Open image in new tab" and it'll give you a i.i.png/i.i.jpg url. B)

Here I think this should work.
Getting some actual art commissioned for her soon, but for now, here's what I based her off:
Well, seems 'upload image' didn't work properly.

I love this brush.

It's mine now.

Mine forevar.

My inking ain't as pro as Seurat's, but I don't have a tablet anymore.

Soon though!

*freaks the heck out about seurat's art*
Love it, Suerat!!

yes. this is good.

Thanks guys! :D
Daaaaamn Seurat.
Just some generator stuff.

No? Maybe now?


Not the cleanest but I did it in like twenty minutes.

A character I RP with. I felt burnt from the first drawing even though they were both short to do.

I got bored and did another one. I couldn't find a sharpener or paper that isn't actually not from a book. It's incomplete without the shading though and I never was good at that.

My bored, cynical character for this session.

Wow. That looks really nice.
Thanks! I had some work to do today so this was a great warmup, and plus it was fun feeling this lady's personality out a bit more.
This is about the best I can do using just without a tablet.


fixed because im dumb

oh right. this is kain + new tattoo
Me like these :D
I'm a fairly new player, just wanted to throw this in the mix as my character. I wasn't sure if I was able to 'name' him here, so I added 'redacted' instead of his name. There's a lot of good art here. =)

because I'm retarded and couldn't find an 'edit' button.

That is awesome :D
Someone did an amazing character art for me! Also thanks to SmexyCucumber for the other drawing of my character!
Someone did an amazing character art for me! Also thanks to SmexyCucumber for the other drawing of my character!
Bah, I'm bad at this, let's try again.

Bah, I'm bad at this, let's try again.

Bah, I'm bad at this, let's try again.

Okay, here's the links, sorry for the spam!

Video Game inspiration is real, love this guy. Rutger Hauer is the best.
Since the upload borked here's an imgur post

DUMP kill me later

Actually dying from cuteness now Neekly, plz stahp.
BTW i didn't draw the blue and yellow figures, that is a little thing i took from one of humon's picture thingies on animal sexuality i think ;0;
and thank you so much stelpher!!!!
Change is good
Came to scroll while I came up with an idea for how to lay out the actual design for my char, remembered how awesome the art was here, went from deeply sad I couldn't art to deeply motivated to art. Neato, should have a slightly familiar face for a few of you later today.
Welp, as promised. Those that know him (recently) might recognize a thing or two, the tie and bandana are a dead giveaway, but his image has changed massively in the time I've played him, so that's ace.
Welp, as promised. Those that know him (recently) might recognize a thing or two, the tie and bandana are a dead giveaway, but his image has changed massively in the time I've played him, so that's ace.

consistency? don't know her

the pose on the left i got help drawing with designdoll - it's a really cool pose reference program if you're bad at perspective like meeEEEEE

Amazing stuff, Neekly!
This counts as fan art.

So I got bored and made some characters. +4928273.5 points if you can guess who they are.

I made another one;

" />

Second upload because ew, black background killed the picture;

got bored

Thought I'd post a few sketches I did of my character Fingers O'Toole. The first picture of him is him as I normally draw him. When I came up with him I was inspired by the old Fleischer cartoon studios characters like Koko the Clown and Popeye. So he design was sort of modeled after them.

this second one is more like how I imagine him in Sindome.

Alright one more attempt...

Sorry about the size, I usually like the images quite a bit smaller.

that is cool by the way! Was it a commission? The artist I want is all booked up =(
Oh man, I haven't been in this thread in a while and WOW. These are so great. I especially like the ninja trainer one ;)
my faves <3

Fanart!! :D You captured her perfectly, Neekly!
I love them and that picture so much.
Random surprise drawing.


So good!

Reminder that if you want your content shared on our Facebook page, then send it in this thread also:


I did a lot of research into character fashion and how someone's style lends itself into the clothes they wear in Withmore. For this character, I mixed folk Mexican fashions with cyberpunk style. It wasn't easy! But I think I found a happy mix of wardrobe that is a great medium.

This was a fun challenge. Not all clothes are shown here, just two outfits that are a good mixup. I'm hoping this helps to alleviate some of the concerns of lack of cyberpunk fashions in Sindome. I'm doing my part (or trying!).

You guys are *so* talented.
Fingers o'toole and Fiji.

" />" />" />


Full image below.

(Credit this one to my good friend)

I love all the new additions :D

Also: that "Fingers O'Toole" art style is just plain adorable.

A meager attempt at my character. If someone wants to redo him while I do a full body, feel free to.

Trying again...

Try that.[url]
ONe last try

Putting us all out our misery.

Wrap the image url (The one that ends in .jpg or .png or w/e) in

I have no talent - but at least I can photoshop to change hair color from brown to red. With that done - credits to the original artist of this picture - I present you Archer, my newest creation- err.. character.

Oh my goodness. Is that Kaz Brekker?! :DD
Uh.... yes.


*falls in love with your char* <3
Nuh-uh.. Buy him a drink first.
i havent really made anything "finished" in a while so have these little doodlies in the meantime

aw heck neekly

aw heck

Neekly eyes make anything adorable.
Random character doodle.

Guess who

cute cute CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!

also aw HECK[/b] vera

Here's another character art of my character, done by Diani this time!

These are way too cute.. stop.

A really amazing commission by the very talented Amika!

Trying again.

How kyoot :>
Ended up more emo/Biebery than I intended, but w/e:


That one doodle (Orange & Red) reminds me of David Bowie.

What was the inspiration?


It doesn't seem that way to me at all. It has life in it.

There's a fair bit of expression and life and mystery in it. That hair is great and the eyes are interesting. Thumbs up.

thecraftydragon, I actually got the idea from an anime intro my best friend showed me!! if i knew how to animate (and had the patience to) i would totally do this with the character B)

i unfortunately dont remember the intro or the anime its from but i just remember taking a snippet of it to make a gif, if anyone knows where its from lemme know ;-;

Hey Neekly, I believe that particular gif is from Dirty Pair: Project Eden.

Moreover, I recommend Dirty Pair if you hadn't seen it already.

I'm loving all this great artwork! Seurat- I love the linework.

Thanks you two!


Me likey :o


That PFP is so adorable.

cant ever decide whether i wanna draw on paper or computer

if u'd like me to doodle ur character feel free to ask! 8)

I'm always interested in seeing people's take on my character.
i actually have this old sketch i did a few months ago, stelpher. lmao

My god, that is amazing.
How dare you make me laugh way too hard in public.
I'd also be interested to see how people envision my character. Especially as I am not very good at visualizing anything so my character, in my mind, is half a dozen snippets of various body parts.

Of course, I don't know who knows what character is mine or if I'm allowed to say...

if you want to post an image that might look like your character grey0, ill give it a shot 8)
Hey Neekly, care to give my character a shot? I have a headshot I drew of him above, and if possible, put him in some kind of fur collared coat.

Thank you in advance!


I have no idea who he is, but he looks like a dime.

THAT LOOKS AMAZING! Thank you so much Manywaters!
Alright... I'll give it a try. The dude's half Korean. So here's a half Korean face I found somewhere that is close. I imagine my guy being a bit more angular, with spiked hair, a nose that had been broken in the past and a fair bit rougher/less-pretty.

As far as his body goes, he's tall and lean though fit. I imagine him something like the singer as he appears in this video though a bit broader at the shoulders.

I have no idea if this is enough to go on, but thanks for considering it!

Crap. posted a link to the wrong video... Here is the correct one! :-P


Hey would be really cool if you'd draw Fiji..she's somewhere in the threads.
look at all these kids

quote in the last one if my writing is too messy: *insert evil & characteristic quote here kyaaa!*

Oh my god thats adorable!

AHHH! Its so good! Thank you so much Neekly!

Anyone up for giving my char a draw?
Do you have an example?

Nice work, Diani!

Awesome work Diani!
I have an idea of what he looks like yeah.

Think Sandor Clegane, burned, ugly, black hair. Machete wielding Scot.

Thought it's been a few months since I did a picture of Fingers, Here he is Fingers O'toole

One of these has to work

Sorry for the shotgun technique here.

shitty doodle!" />" />

Those last two are really cute.

And way to go Diani!

Thanks Kuzco!

And I'm glad you were able to salvage the sketch Cyber, heh. Gotta say I wasn't expecting your character to look like that.

very very basic sketch, buuuut, its almost accurate

one character :^)

two character :^)

if this doesn't work im jumping off the skywalk irl

Try again using IMG bbcode tags?

More, more, moooooore! I'm addicted to seeing peoples characters!

I love seeing peoples renditions of characters! If anyone want to do mine in various styles or in one of his outfits, feel free! I love them and plan to get them printed out and color them shortly.
I posted this elsewhere, but if it's helpful: the trick I've found in using the IMG board tags here is to make sure the URL you're tagging ends in an image filetype, like whatever.png. I tend to use for free and quick posting of stuff here, their URLs play nicely.

I have no idea who all of these characters are, but there you go, working images!
Loving them Manywaters! Keep up the great work!

I didn't do those!
Those are 'throwback jamz'

Again, this isn't mine. Credits to the author, I found it while looking for concept arts and decided to use it for a reference picture. Hehe! :)

Rangerkrauser, please send me that hottie's contact details immediately thank you.

Sketched the character Raven from what very little IC knowledge I have of them. Very vivid descs and clothing details. Hope the player likes it.

flipping a guy off as you paraglide away is some classic shit
This isn't my work. I stumbled on it while thinking of a character and built on it.

IC hair color change. . .

photoshop masterrace

Fuzzy mittens & rat-bone henna; 15 years back

That her, Lena?
Just some chummer named Ash Page AKA Null Void.

Kuzco - yes, way back when. Updated:

I found out that I really like drawing scars... :d

OMG mine has scarz ;D
Maxwell Byrnes (from Shadowrun)

Credits to the Artist.

Also @Neekly, feel free to draw my character. I love your art!


It's not always sunshine and roses

dump plus a fashionable dork. thx for requests/having pretty characters i wanted to draw

why do you have to draw so perfectly.....................



neekly best girl
There are so many damn talented people on this MOO. My jealousy
wtf u guys are so sweet im gonna throw up!!!!

if u'd like ur character drawn feel free to ask B) i need more diversity practice

here's kind of what i based my character on. though, i imagine his face slightly thinner and longer.

bing boom

Thanks a TON Neekly! Ya the best!

Reposting this since Photobucket suuuuuuucks

Ahahaha Baron17 that is perfect!
Here's a picture done by a friend of mine.

It's not my character but you're welcome to use it for inspiration.

Can't upload image so I'll try again a different time.