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Playing a Enforcer

A portrait of a Enforcer

“ This CITY never sleeps
so neither does JUSTICE. ”

Upholding what's right and protecting the weak is the vanguard of the Enforcer. Never afraid to confront the bad guy's, the Enforcer leads the charge. Commonly stubborn, the Enforcer recognizes the fine line between right and wrong and is resistant to crossing it. Whether taking justice into his own hands or merely doing the man's dirty work, the Enforcer takes his responsibilities seriously.
Important Skills
pistol, dodge
Useful Skills
driving, forensics
Related Stats
agl, end, pcp

Of course, the roles you can play are just suggestions. Sindome is a level-less and class-less roleplaying game, so you are free to define your character's role all on your own. We look forward to your ideas!