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A bag full of questions

The $play_script is a child of the $npc_centric_script, right? So we don't have to add pauses between commands, right?

Some doubts came to me while creating the Johnny Seinfeld TV Show.

1. When you use an actor, do a couple of commands and change to the other actor and do a command. Does the pauses add?

Like will the second actor's response to the first come a couple of seconds after or right away?

2. Can you add pauses of 3-7 seconds for that dramatic effect without giving a freeze-fame/lag effect? What's the most preferred time we can use between actions so they don't slow the whole process?

3. If we add pauses to scripts does it fucks up the whole parsing or work normally?

4. How precise is the ammount of time that the @test-script gives us? Is it processing time or the time for the whole script to run (and show) from top to bottom.

5. Getting 45 seconds on a script that's suppoed to portrait about 10minutes of show time is good or I messed up somewhere?

I think that's all I have for now. Better start working or I'll be too delayed on my schedule.

It all depends on the pose/comment that Babble On has to parse...

1) If it is a big ass chunk of text that the actor is saying, then it may be wise to add a pause in there so that you don't have it switch over to the next actor at the wrong time. You can get into a situation where one actor responds to a question that hasn't been asked. I've done it once or twice. A suitable pause seems to fix that.

2) As to actions, I tend to leave a decent time between so the players don't get spammed to hell and gone. Keep in mind some people lag or are on dail up and don't have bandwidth to swallow things too rapid fire. That being said, I use my descression. If I need a fast paced scene, I go faster. If I need a slower, dramatic moment I will add a pause, or a combination of pause/spoof for drama.

ie actorx says "Frankly scarlet, I don't give a damn."
actorx .look over at scarlet in silence for a moment.
pause 10 (or in the case of seconds, pause 10 seconds)

You can usually tell if it works or not once you test the script out.

(Keep in mind my syntax is flawed up there. :) )

3) Pauses, if used with the proper syntax, will parse.

4) @test-script gives a very accurate time span. It will shift depending on certain random processing factors that I don't follow, in the end, it is pretty close I've found. within 10 percent.

5) If you've got a 10 minute segment that plays in 45 seconds, you have a problem. You are probably missing pauses where needed.

Keep in mind that $play_script inherits all the functionality of $npc_centric_script. (that means pauses work as well as any other commands). $play_script only adds functionality so it is easier to work with actor/ress entities. It will not put in automatic pausing for you.

Hope that helps.

Here's a clip from an my script :

===== (...) =====
place %johnny is "sitting on a booth across the table from Kevlar."

as %johnny
say "See, now, to me that button's in the worst possible spot. The second button, literally makes or breaks the shirt... ...look at it. It's too high! It's in no-man's land. You look like you live with your mother."

as %kev
say "Are you through?.."

as %johnny
say "You do, of course, try it on when you buy."

as %kev
say "Yes! It was purple! I liked it! I don't actually recall considering the button!"

as %johnny
say "Oh, you don't recaaall.."

as %kev
emote "clears his throat, pretending to speak into a microphone like on the Watergate hearings."
say "No, uh, not at this time."

as %johnny
say "Well, Senator, I'd just like to know what you knew and when you knew it."

enter %claire "A waitress comes up with two glasses of coffee pots with brown spots."

as %claire
say "Mr. Seinfeld. Mr. Costanza."
===== (...) =====

Will those lines on the conversation parse as in.

Johnny says "Oh, you don't recaaall.."

Kevlar clears his throat, pretending to speak into a microphone like on the Watergate hearings
Kevlar says "No, uh, not at this time."

Johny says "Well, Senator, I'd just like to know what you knew and when you knew it."

Or will it go bursting thru?

One thing I perceived was that while I had no pauses commands the test said about 10 minutes. Once I added the pauses it went to 45 seconds.

Is it you either controll all pauses or you controll none?

Quote: from Xeethot on 3:29 pm on June 9, 2004[br]enter %claire "A waitress comes up with two glasses of coffee pots with brown spots."

as %claire
say "Mr. Seinfeld. Mr. Costanza."

is that right, cause it seem like a really awkward phrase.  Maybe something like "A waitress comes up with two glass coffee pots with brown spots."

Looks good, keep up the good work, can't wait to see it.

Thanks for the correction... It's hard to verify all that without a english word-processor with spell checking and what not.

But it seems that I'll have to insert lots of pauses on them... Friday they'll be done, I hope.

Ok, two scripts done.

The Pilot (Parts A and B) and Episode 1 (A and B) both are roughly 30 minutes long having each part being 13-18 minutes each.

I'll create a template script so people can start easily if they want to do their own show too.

Quick question... Is there a escape char for the strings?

Like if I want to add an " to a pose where the character speaks should I do \" or keep with the ' instead?

\" is the correct way to escape quotes.

as %kev
say "So this fragger comes up to me, and he's like, \"Gimmie your money and your jacket or your dead!\" and I'm like \"Whatever!\"."

Is there a command to mark a file for deletion or even delete it? Like if we mistype the name, we can set the script to deletion and upload with the right name?
Oh yeah... How do we change the %location description to fit the scene???