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Bar/Club Trouble Makers
Is something like this even possible? Desireable?

I was thinking that it could be fun to have NPC "trouble makers" occasionally pop up in bars and Clubs on Red. The general idea:

Every so often:

- If there is a PC in the bar or club, create an NPC based on one of a variety of templates.

- The NPC starts to make a fuss, how this looks might vary based on location and NPC.

- The NPC keeps making a fuss for a while, giving the PCs a chance to react to the trouble (call in a bouncer, be a hero, run, whatever).

- If the NPC is killed, script is over and body drops. (this might not make managers/owners happy)

- If the NPC is forced out of the bar or club, the NPC will "disappear into the crowd" as soon as it can (not engaged in a fight or grappled).

- If no one engages the NPC after XX minutes, they make an exit. This could vary depending on location and NPC.

- If there are NPCs at the location who would naturally get involved, then they get the "trouble maker" to leave.

- If it makes sense sense for the location, a background character can show up and escort them out (doorman or something).

- All else fails, the NPC will just leave.

Not sure that this kind of thing is desirable or even possible using Babble-On (though I think Babble-On could handle it). If it *is* desired and possible, I wouldn't mind trying to put something together.

I think it would also be good if some of the troublemakers would listen to reason. If you say or do certain things to them, they will leave willingly - if reluctantly.

I prefer to avoid automated conflict. It lessens the value of actual conflict. This is fantastic thing to be handled by an GM driving an NPC or just a PC being drunk, etc. Scripts should add ambience not force action.

Just my two chy though.

We already have a certain NPC that makes trouble in bars now and then. But automated seems like it could get out of hand.

I get that. That's why I would want such scripts to resolve themselves regardless of what any PC's might or might not do. If the PC just sat there, it would play out as if some NPC started being troublesome and then either left or was dealt with by the appropriate NPCs. This would make getting involved optional.

Still, it might not be enough. I wouldn't want to have scripts discourage roleplay.