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Buying a Vehicle?

I'm not sure how helpful this will be, as I've never even seen where to buy a vehicle I don't think, but one way or another I don't know what the players who can afford them do to get them, but I kinda had an idea for a complex script where a player could converse with a salesperson/whatever about buying a vehicle. Maybe the script would service to the player making comments about the kind of vehicle they want, and the script could have the NPC make suggestions based on those comments, at least as best it could.
Possible triggerable comments could range around color, size, price range, etc.

Just a thought.

--And I love your Techno-Techno idea J, The Drome is pretty much where everyone socializes, but people like Tash and such almost seem out of place hanging around some bar in the Mix, you know? It'd give the upper social stratification a place to converse.

Vehicles aren't done as of now. And as for scripting like that, you're just talking about NPC's. You'll have to ask Kev, but I don't think that kind of scripting can be done... yet.
That is the purpose of the Lip-Sync engine: To provide a non-linear conversation engine by tying together linear components (Babble-On Scripts) in a graph or 'web' structure, where at any point in the conversation, you have options as to what direction the conversation takes in relation to where you are now.

By far and away the best example of this is the old Choose-your-own-adventure books. Another example that comes to mind is the Lucasarts SCUMM based adventure games, like Monkey Island.

Remember when Guybrush Threepwood is talking to the three pirates in the bar? And how if you don't take the right conversation path, you may miss out on jokes and other unimportant tidbits because once you've progressed so far in a conversation you can only go forward, not back. He won't talk to you about the ghost pirate LeChuck because he's allready told you how scared of him he is, and so if you don't press him enough while you have the chance, you could miss out on the unimportant but funny none the less Recipe for Grog in which each ingrediant of the recipe is mentioned by one of the pirates. Something like this:

Blue Pirate: Grog contains one or more of the following: kerosene
Red Pirate: propylene glycol
Green Pirate: suplhuric acid
Red Pirate: artificial sweeteners
Green Pirate: red dye no2
Blue Pirate: rum
Green Pirate: acetone
Red Pirate: battery acid
Blue Pirate: scumm
Red Pirate: axle grease
Green Pirate: and/or pepperoni

If you've never played the game and can't envision the scene, check out the links:

Or here's an even better example: Stan the boat sales man. Remember how after you go to look at a boat you stand over by the boat with him and are can ask specific questions about that type of boat? Or say you'de like to look at something else, and go look at a different boat where you can ask questions that are specific to it?

Yeah. That's what Lip-Sync will allow you to do. Each 'list of context appropiate responses' is a Babble-On script, and then Lip-Sync ties them all together to form conversations.

Got it now?

Of course Lip-Sync is still in the conceptual stage, having only cursory design work being done on it. Babble-On

I'll still need another day to get my act together before we move forward with this. I appreaciate your paitence and understanding.



I've done stuff like that with RPGMaker 2000. It's this thing that allows you to create your own RPG's, providing you with graphics and such.  My favorite thing about it used to be writing complicated interactions that you could have by saying the right thing. There was some coding involved, but that involved switches so it was a little different.

I think I get the general concept though, and it sounds awesome. I would love to make some funny little interactions you could have with NPC's, etc.