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Current scripting needs
Help inspire Ryu

Been a tad since we had a "What scripts would we like implemented into the game" kinda thread here, so before I go dive at the google drive and do some more research, I'd like to know from both players with scripting knowledge, and the GMs just what kinda scripts we're currently in need of.

I've toyed with the idea of writing scripts before, but only just really got back into programming, so a list of what'd be nice additions could kick my inspiration up just enough for me to start working on a few over the weekend.

Currently, I'm looking at SIC scripts and dream scripts, since they've been mentioned on the boards a couple times, and it seems there was some need for a few of those.


What are the current needs?

There was mention of drug scripts as well that I'd LOVE to see.

Not completely define the drugs, but certainly something to get everyone on the same page for their interpretations of what it does to them.

The google drive is a great place to start. I moved Slither's drug experience script over to the new scripts folder and if you want a baseline of where to start with that it's a great spot for a few different types of $cripts.