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Current State of Scripting..
What's on the Priority List?

Hey, I know this forum hasn't been used in a coon's age but I'm curious what scripting and/or scripts would be in demand at this point.. I have some off time so learning the system and creating scripts would be a cool way to contribute to the cause.

If someone could give me an idea it'd be appreciated.

SIC scripts are always useful..
Did you have interest in this still?
I believe he's in the process of moving ATM
I meant... what is still needed...
It's been a while but last I checked the game needed

- Withdrawal Scripts

- Disease Scripts

- SIC Scripts

- Television Scripts

Reach out to the GM's for samples, etc.

Anyone still actively scripting stuff? I'm not exactly too keen on the coding and such myself. Been reading the manual and all, but I feel like I'd be better suited to providing themely material to someone already well-versed in the language. Anyone interested, or in need of some ideas, lemme know what you need and I'll get the creative juices flowin
Yeah! Let's do this. You have my email.
Alright, chummers. Time to start sendin the requests for scripts you'd like to see. Drug highs are already on the list. So are new holo-ads. Bean and I are ready to put some work in, let us know what we're missin in Withmore, eh?
How about an automated sports engine that functions like combat?

Generate players

Assign them stats

Make them carryout a series of plays with potential scoring opportunities

This takes place for a series of time then a final score is determine

Boom deathball.