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Food Riot
Blood of the Streets...

I'm thinking it may be possible to incite a riot via babble-on. Using ambient emotes and spawning spastic amounts of NPC's ranging from judges, disgruntled mixers, lost corpies, and gangers. Then have them battle...even incorporating ambient things like CS gas and blah zey blah...



REPEAT x times

Then have different behavior for each type of NPC and a big ass list of ambient messages in a pool to randomly pick out...and maybe some way for it too automatically write a status report of the outcome...or possibly even a generic news story.

I have nothing productive to contribute, I just think that a automatic riot, would be a riot.
I've been thinking about gangs. I wonder how many NPCs the MOO can handle at one time.

Come to think of it, the aftermath would probably need cleaning up otherwise there'd be piles of dead bodies lying encased in a gelatinous bloat pie in the middle of Fuller.

(Edited by darKPete at 5:05 am on June 24, 2009)

Well, not certain on numbers, but after being present for the last few Rampages I know there can be massive amounts of npcs/pcs in one room, corpses included!  Hah
From a scripting perspective you want to have a minimal amount of NPCs.