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This may be a bit premature, but it's only a suggestion at this point.  I suggest that once we who are interested in this aspect of the game find out who each other are, we take the time to post all the things we are working on to each other.

That way, two of us won't start the same project and end up fighting over whose is better, and stuff. Yeesh, I can just see that happening.  And we may be able to inspire each other or ask for suggestions to improve the quality of what we are writing.  Yeah, I know we haven't even started yet but I just wanted to point out that communication and cooperation will probably become very important to us if we really want to make the game better.

Good Idea Ty event hough the possibilties are limitless...I'm sure some of us will be having similar ideas.

Hi. My name's Kevlar.

I'm a scriptaholic.

It's been about, ohh... 3, maybe 4 hours sence I last wrote a script and, umm.. it's kinda hard to talk about, but umm... a little while ago a kinda tried writing a script, and umm... well it was just so easy I had to write another one, and pretty soon I couldn't stop. I was writing scripts in the shower, while driving, at work, in bed, I mean it was out of control.

So today, I'm here, and umm... well I guess I'm just wondering if there's others like me out there, because umm... so, yeah, that's why I'm here.

Thank you.

*thwaps Kevlar with Lotus' Trout(R)*

I've done a couple scripts... some of them secret to you as of now. *mad cackle* Most not implimented yet.


One thing I'd like to see all of you do would be dream types... nothing specific, just generics. IE: robberies, running in flowery pastures with girlfriend/boyfriend, getting killed (see the bullet coming in sloooooow motion), walking down the street, weird shit, falling (oh, there's a nice one), etc. etc. Think of what kind of dreams you may have... urm... no, forget I said that. Think of dreams that could be cool.

Another thing would be ambiant type things. Cars driving by and spashing a player, ambiant pop yelling and jeering, things that can give atmosphere to the game.

I'm sure there are other things out there I am not thinking of... but as a general rule, think generics. No specifics to a certain characters... yet. The GM's/Coders are working on a collection of code and scripts that will boggle the mind, just wait. ;-)

Finally... I want to just thank all of ya for wanting to help out. It realllllly helps when a player can devote time to working stuff out like this... gives the admin time to focus on more key/pressing issues.

Viva la Sindome!!

*whips out the Trout(R) and thwaps Kevlar again*

I love this whole dream thing, I've been thinking on it a lot and it's real exciting. But just a quick question: Since players never 'sleep' while they're on SD, how will  you go about giving them these dreams? Will it be right after they wake up, or will they all be 'day dreams'?  Or could we start them off with 'tell %player "You drift off gradually out of boredom..."?

Here's a couple of those ambient things you were talking about:

tell %player "As you walk briskly down the sidewalk, a large black vehicle passes by and splashes you all over with filthy street water, completely drenching the whole side of your body."
pause 8
tell %player "You curse under your breath at your misfortune."


tell %player "As you pass a couple glowing holo-signs, one sings out to you, '%player!  Do you get tired sometimes?  Or just plain lonely? Come on down to The Orifice, %player, you know you want to be there.  Where the girls will never get boring."


tell %player "A holographic picture of a soda can suddenly hovers a foot in front of your face, generated from some unseen spot nearby.  'Drink me, %player.  You'll love EbolaCola's refreshing taste!'  You shake your head in annoyance as it follows you a few feet down the road, chanting at you by name."
pause 30
tell %player "For some reason, you suddenly get a craving for an EbolaCola."
So those are some of my first efforts, and I must say I really love this chance to contribute to the game.

Now seems a good time to bring up another question: In some of Lotus's first attempts, he suggested 'triggers' for some of his coding.  Is that an option?  Will you actually implement some of our ideas into permanent coding that become part of the game, to be set off by certain actions at random times?  Or are these only to be things that are set off to certain players by admins?