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Pirate Station Shows
We're the voice from RED, we don't have much time...

I was wondering about creating a pirate TV station that hacks into NLM and plays their 'message' to the audience. Something quick, but that tries to show the real life on the dome, maybe with some clips from the streets and whatnot.

ICly they can exist or not, but it would be a good way to put that underworld fighting the system feel into the screens domewide.

If the organization existed ICly it would give out quite a few jobs and spread the chy around with ease...
Also creating a lot of room for expeculation, RP and even some plots.

I love the idea, just realize that it's further off then the legit TV station/studio shit that needs to happen. You can't have pirates stealing the signal until theres a signal to really steal.

But yes, this will come to pass.

I totally agree, that's one of the coolest ideas I've ever heard.  Would totally do it IC if my charcter was right for it.