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Do they need to be scripted?

So, there are logs and stuff of SNFF, and a few other things that were filmed, and I'm guessing they need to be transformed into scripts before being played back?  

Well, I'm not very creative when it comes to scripts, and making up shows from scratch.. So, if there are logs that need to be transfered into scripts and such, or if there is like a news broadcast that has been written, that just needs to be babbelized..

I am game to do that.  I know GM/Admin folk usualy do this, but you guys have alot too do already, so I'd like to help out if it's needed.

Right on.

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 4:08 pm on Aug. 25, 2005)

While some shows don't need to be scripted in order to run... Others do. SNFF is one that needs to be scripted in order to be rerun as it is live feed thru several cameras.

If you have the time to turn these logs into scripts we would be happy as hell.

As for TV Shows, you can google for scripts on your favorite show, change character names, add some cyberpunk flavor and whatnot then turn it into a Babble-on script.

Xeethot made Johnny Seinfeld based on the Jerry Seinfeld TV Show scripts he found on the web, so that's a way to go.

We could post a TV Show script for people to 'inspire' on.