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Scripting Workshop?
An online workshop on scripting.

Hey All,

Would you guys be interested in a Scripting Workshop? Many of you are not programmers but want to contribute. I am more than happy to hold a workshop where we all get together in an OOC room, discuss scripting, answer questions, and elevate our knowledge of how scripting works and what you can do with it.

I'd run through some basics, open it to Q/A and then we could all work through creating a couple scripts individually, then show everyone the scripts we've made, and talk about what works, what doesn't work, and different ways to do the things we want to do (any why).

If this interests you, and you have 2-3 hours to spend not roleplaying, but learning about how to do this stuff, respond here and I will start organizing it.

It would be on a weekend most likely. And I would happily run more than one, if there are times when people are unavailable. We would also post the entire workshop online, along with all the scripts we come up with, so that future generations of scripters would have access to it, and be able to learn from it.

-- S

I've got no background in programming, and I'd like to learn and to contribute more to the nifty code things. I'd be down to attend a script workshop sometime.
Agreed, same here. I would love to.
Only two people!?
That would be pretty cool if I could somehow learn it...Sort of a slow learner here. But anyways, I'd be interested.
I realize that I'm about a month late, but I'd be very interested.
I'd be interested in this.
I would definitely be interested.
Yes please! Would be awesome of you to do this.
Okay, lets talk times. Does a saturday afternoon (Dome Time) work for everyone? Like, Saturday at 12PM or 3PM DST?
I think I want in on this too. Sounds like stuff I'd enjoy learning. Saturday afternoon is good with me also. Though it is my birthday, but I won't get drunk until later in the evening~
Late afternoon or evening is good for me...
I got time on my hands, why not?
3pm is fine
As someone interested in taking up scripting, this would be great - 12-3 PM is also a good time, at least for me
I am usually at work, but could probably follow along here and there.
Very interested in this, would love to help contribute