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MOO no like me...

I am experiencing some connection rejected by server messages. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting that?

Nope, its not just you.

The game has been down since about 12:30 AM PDT. One of two things is wrong. It could be that there is no route to the machine (some network problem maybe) or the machine crashed again. Since I'm not physically near the box, theres not much I can do except wait for someone to answer their voicemail (they can't get their email cause the box is down, hehe). I'll continue to keep tabs on it throughout the day and it will be up as soon as I can get it up.

If you've noticed, this has begun happening more and more lately. It's because of this problem that Jim (our hostmassah) has been considering moving us to another box at the location since the original boxes purpose has grown in the time we've been there. This isn't whats happening right now, I'm just letting you know that we're not sitting on are ass while the box goes down on a weekly basis.

When you connect, killing -anyone- sleeping on the streets for the first 8 hours of us being up is offlimits. Especially if there aren't any staff on because the MOO may come up without us knowing for a little bit (in a meeting or at lunch or something). So please, don't go killing and robbing those who got caught with their pants down when the MOO went offline.

~ J

I know what's going on here! It's a conspiracy!

Know how I know?

Wednesday is the ONLY day I can play SD from work and NOT get in trouble. THEREFORE!! It sees me coming and runs away.

Sorry 'bout that.

The Unbelieveably Bored,