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MOO down?

Hung connection. Have not been able to reconnect. How about the rest of you?

yeap same for me as well.

We are aware and unfortunatelly my hammer can't reach things....

the internet's gotten too big. Welcome to CP.

I get a completely black screen and the message ERROR RECEIVED: [OBJECT OBJECT] from the client. Any way to fix this or is the game just down?

We know there is an issue with the moo service, we're looking into it at the moment.

We have restored to a checkpoint from 7:35am.

I can't seem to be able to connect, it's the same as last time, black screen and the words ERROR RECEIVED: [OBJECT OBJECT].

Is it just me, or is this happening to other people?

Alright I'm having the not able to connect via packet loss problem again. Does anyone know how I can fix this situation, or do I just need to call my ISP and bitch and complain?