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Can't Connect

I Cant seem to connect to the SD port like its blocking me or something from this IP. I can connect from anywhere else fine but just not at my house. Johnny sed somethiing about it being my adress blocking me from connecting to the port 5555 but I have complete and total control over my network and dont remember changing it or anything. Now if there is a way to fix this plz tell me or if i have to use some kind of unknown thing i dont know about so plz post back.

Did you try using a different client, or try a raw connection on telnet? You should check your firewall settings, or possibly try to connect using a proxy...

Yes ive used SimpleMu and Mushclient and i have Windows Vista and i dont know if it has telnet but ill check it out.

How do you set up Proxy settings i havent had to ever use it so yea its embarrasing saying it out loud but if it lets me play SD again.. Who cares.

IM me, maybe I can help you out.

(Edited by Damus at 5:12 am on Feb. 29, 2008)

Well its happened again. I can't connect to sindome. Im using Damus' wonderful proxy and i dont know if its me or him. And also i still cant connect to SD from the normal 5555 i have to use the proxy. And if damus you read this IM me or something so we can fix it. :)

Is anyone else having trouble connecting? I can connect to the internet obbiously. And I can connect to other MOO's just wanna see if anyone knows the problem.

I just tried connecting over TELNET and no joy.

But then I'm at sea on a Navy shipboard computer.

It DOES try and connect, like it goes away from the original telnet screen, but then it just says connection to host lost like 3 minutes later.

make sure your telnet connection is pointed to port 5555. we are up and running.

Frost pages you saying:
He pages, "Hey, you there?"


And yes im here but... not connecting to SINDOME.

Is anyone playing??? Is SD up and running or is it down?? Umm connected to the proxy im useing(Thank you Damus). But can't connect to SD even threw there. Or either through the port 5555. Please sombody help me im a.. helpless person.

SD is up.. E-mail me your AIM and I'll drop you a line.  sevenecks <at!>

I've gotta go to bed but if you still can't get on tomorrow let me know.  soulexistence <@at> is Soul's e-mail, you can drop him a line, he's on now.

Yeah, mano. email me and tell me about your connection.


Can you hear me talking???

Quote: from Ihasamoney on 3:03 pm on April 2, 2008[br]Frost pages you saying:
He pages, "Hey, you there?"


And yes im here but... not connecting to SINDOME.

I know of a Frost, but he's on a different MOO. That's weird, man, but I'm glad you got your SD back, did you have any withdrawals?

Yes, I had the likes: Vomiting, No UE, the runs.

That was pretty much it...