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External Client
Connection Indefinitely Stalled?

Hey all, I originally tried connecting through Mudlet before I tried the web client, but when it didn't connect, I used the web client just to see if it'd work. Been using it since.

But tonight, I tried Mudlet again so I might could be more helpful after someone mentioned wanting to change the channel colors and let it sit for a while (Maybe ~5 minutes?) and it just stalls at the same point it did when I first tried:

"[ INFO ] - Trying secure connection to 5555 ..."

I've tried both not-secured and secured, it doesn't make a difference (Though since the web client works as https://, I don't see why a secured connection would be a problem).

The other posts I saw had to do, primarily, with lag, but seeing as I don't experience but maybe half a second lag on the web client (Which, most of the other posts also mention) and the longest mentioned time was "minute-long," where I let it sit for a bit longer than a minute, I assume it's not a lag issue but could be wrong.

Is this a known issue, or is something odd happening?


I haven't heard of any issues with this. I know some folks do play with Mudlet. Were you able to get it working or is it still an issue?