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Failure to connect, constant disconnects

hello, i have been playing for a while but havent been able to do so without the use of a VPN. the only luck i've had without it is with the sindome client with the little padlock turned on, but i get frequent disconnects with that method.

alright just reading that i realized its not much info to go off, sorry. not a big webhead but ill do my best

Some VPNs have connections that are unstable in ways that things like MOO and IRC don't like. If you are able to connect without one and get the same problem, then it's likely that your router or wifi card might need replacing. A lot of routers only seem to last a year or two before they start getting kind of cruddy.

It sounds to me like your ISP isn't allowing connections to live very long, even if they're using websocket technology (what our webclient uses, whether in lockmode or not.). They're granting slightly longer connections to SSL traffic, but they're still killing the connection. You don't have an Internet Service Provider, you have a Web Page Service Provider who only wants you to visit websites and stream videos. You have an asshole for your ISP.

A VPN might be your only solution in this situation.