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No response

So, for the past few days, Whenever I try to log in I get page cannot be displayed ( for the grid)

Everything else on the website works fine....

This has happened to me before, I've heard it can be caused by cookies, but that doesn't seem to be whats going on for you..

I dunno how often you restart your computer (as i never do), but it could be your browser, try restarting.  If that doesn't solve the problem, you could always try switching browsers, like going from IE to Mozilla or something, Mozilla's free if you don't have it, I recommend it.  Die IE, Die.

I have also found that Internet Explorer will shutdown and quit working if you leave your comp on for too long, which I never turn mine off.  But I havent had that problem with Mozilla, and i have had that problem with a number of other things...... IE does need to die.

Mozilla Firefox for the win!