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iPhone Telnet App
Is there such an animal for SD?

Has anyone come across a decent iPhone app that will allow telnet access to SD? Is there an iPhone or Android MOO/MUSH client?

There must be, I think Johnny uses one.

There's a few telnet apps but nothing M* oriented that I'm aware of. Searching for telnet on the app store will turn them up amongst a few other things.

Vaguely recall Johnny commenting about them at some point, but can't remember where.

Alright. Thanks guys. I'm doing moblie apps for work so I will look into it. Probably hack up an open source telnet app first. Did come across something called iMud for iphone, but apparently it sucks and is more for MUDs not SD style.

MTelnet and MTelnet Lite work. Layout blows. Typing blows. Need QWERTY for it to get better, though. Lite is free, give it a shot.

Also, there is a mobile terminal app
telnet should be an installed command, just boot up terminal and then kick it old school

telnet 5555

will get you in. I use it, comes with qwerty and is free.

ya I use that app on my Droid, raw telnet, not real game friendly, but it works.   Android OS is open source n stuff.

I've been using mobilemud on my iphone. It's pretty good. All things considered. I just don't recommend combat with it.

Anybody know how to log in from a blackberry? Slither? Bueller?

I use the MidpSSH app for my blackberry.  It's not too pretty but it does the trickbeandip

otherwise ping entry isn't bad

meant to say something more like "input/entry", I have no idea where "ping" came from. Once again, too bad there's neither a preview nor an edit in the board.

A little late, but Blowtorch for Android is both free and effective. Comes with some pretty handy, easy to use features. It also responds very well, once you get used to how typing works on it.