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Is SD Down?

Umm, I can't connect, just seeing if anyone else is having this problem.. hasta.

You are correct, sir.

Hey, sweet.  The site is back up.  Is the MOO soon to follow?  *hopes*

Everything should be back now. Seems our hosting provider didn't think it was a good idea to call their customer before turning off their server. The CC# they had on file was old, so it wouldn't authorize.

I bitched them up one side and down the other over it. Shitty thing to happen while I was out of town, but we're back now.


I Don't want to start another Thread with the same theme, so I will hijack this thread.

Whoops bad hijack.  Sorry folks.  

(Edited by Mensaboy at 6:46 am on Mar. 6, 2006)

...better threads to hijack:
#1: Weird problems
#2: Stuck in Mag Lev well as #3: STUCK!, which you also found. :)

Apparently it's a network issue, and seemingly not that uncommon.