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Late Night Outage

2:12 in the morning, April 30th. Seems something went wrong because I've lost connectivity. Fortunately I've been doing backups all night because I was working on something.

Everything set to come back up in the default state, so it should return on it's own assuming it was just a power outage.

If it's just an internet outage, we won't even have a 5 minute old DB or anything, as we will have never gone down.

Stay tuned!


I've been battling horrible lag for a while now, and it's just got to the point that I've been timed out and can't reconnect.

Yes, that means somewhere in a public place, my character is prone and unable to help himself.

I'd hope no one would take advantage of that if I can't get back on before i have to go to work. :)

Meh. this is getting on my tits now.

(Edited by King[Fu] at 10:04 am on April 30, 2003)

Yeah man, join the club *points to the new host bad? topic*
I think that that change, or another has caused at least those in the UK some problems. Johhny sugested using port 443 and it has improved it a -lot- for me. You may want to try that :)