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really sucks

When I connected to Sindome With MUSHClient, it created a lot of holes. A lot of regular text went missing, and using the SIC was difficult.

So I switched back to Pueblo, which I dont like as much. Maybe because if it disconnects me I lose what I was typing, or can�t copy, or cant log.

Dude, it's a standard ansi output. If you turn off pueblo support, it's viewable in just about any terminal.

Obvously if you use the wrong tool for the job it's not going to work.

And please stop yelling in your topic titles.


Dude's right, MUSHclient works peachy for SD, you've just got all your schnazzy ramazzy pueblo options on. Pueblo sucks the musty gonad.

Actually no, the SIC is still fucked when sending a private message on the latest MUSHclient, even when you turn off pueblo options, which I might add, is turned on by default when you use MUSHclient, which it's obviously not.

Sounds like a MUSHClient problem to me.

Try contacting their tech support.