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Over 5 minutes lag
I hate my ISP...

The weird thing is that I'm getting the game feedback to everything but any command that I use isn't sorting effect.

Board posts appear the moment they are made, but a simple "i" has taken now over 9 minutes to respond and still nothing.

If anyone would be so kind as to place my char on his cube, a coffin or even $void I would be greatly thankfull.

I'll get back from time to time to check if this weirdness has passed.

Thanks in advance.


I'm having a similar problem. �I don't get any feedback from my commands.

I can connect and in an instant I get a scrool of text, like always but from there it's nothing.

(Edited by Hirononbu at 7:21 am on June 15, 2004)

Same here...

Seem's that Akamai's DNS server went nuts...
Here is an article

Oh, fun.  Well, it seems to be working now.

I think I discovered the source of the problem... It's the forum new posts notice thing... if it can't connect to the forum to check for new posts it hangs you. You can't do much, but receive feedback from everything you don't have an active part in it (ads, etc).

Just need some timeout on it or summit.

I too seem to be having this problem... incoming information from systems in the MOO does reach me, but my outgoing commands seem to be hanging and failing to respond. I will notify Johnny if he hasn't noticed all ready.

A couple other people were ahving that problem as well.  I reccoment connecting through a proxy, it might fix the problem.  Like, the packets going a diffrent route so to speak.

Yes, very strange things are afoot in the land of the internet today.

Akami, one of the largest 'edge content providers' seriously screwed up their DNS stuff today which caused outages for major sites like Yahoo and Google. This undoubetedly had a chain reaction and people scrambled to discover what the problem was and fix it.

As of 4:00pm this afternoon we've recieved no further reports of any trouble.

I'm going to chalk this one up to network issues beyond our control, because to the best of my understanding we've done nothing to fix the problem, and everything's working dandy.

I repeat: We have achieved normality. Anything you still can't cope with is, therefore, your own problem.


Are you asking us to blame it on sunspots?!

Are you asking us to blame it on sunspots?!

Yes, yes I am. And we all know sunspots are caused by Canadians...

So Blame Canada!


*aims a moose catapult at the sun*

*enthusiasticlly waits for bias to shoot the moose catapult*

Sometimes when I have a lot of trouble with lag and shit, I just clean out my comp of files I dont need and defragment it and -poof- everything is better, dunno what it is.