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Problem getting connected
Anybody else?


I'm having a problem getting connected this morning and I was wondering if anybody out there is too. Telnet not working and I"m unable to ping the box. oh well. Just wanted to see what was carackin anyway.

Love ya,


All is well with me.

I'm having this same problem. Can't connect or ping either.

Just wondering if there'd any chance the 'connect' option on the site will be updated to reflect the current moo address instead of it being still @gigsville.  I was just wondering because I usually have some time at work to play, but due to the assholes limiting my access, that option would be the only one to work for me.  No big deal in any case.


The connect button on the site just opens telnet... if you can't connect to the MOO because of a firewall, updating the button won't make any difference.