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Server Panic?!?!
Somebody get the valium..

Server panicked about midnight PST.. Really not much more to say..

We should all get it a copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, methinks.

You know, somehow, despite it's advice, Arthur always managed to anyway.

Of course 98% of the advice offered in it was questionable, depending on your idea of fun, species, and ability to make anything infinately improbable.


there are days when i quite enjoy this forum.

Only some days, B?'re missin out...

i'm confused

Another server panic, exactly at midnight PDT (if that isn't a clue where to look *coughs*), dropped back to 11:45, so we lost 15 minutes.

And I have to scan 300 more photographs! :cursing:

Well I could always recreat Gridka on Chiba City MUD...

Ah sleep, who needs it?

Prais Jesus, Kalli, and what ever Voodoo god watches over Servers.

Thanks Johny!

now i'm all confused...

what makes a server panic anyway....

i didn't know servers had feelings... i hope we arent mistreating it... hehehe



In our case, a sig 11.

Signal 11, or officially know as "segmentation fault", means that the program accessed a memory location that was not assigned.

Mainly this happens (in stable production systems like ours) due to timing problems in the CPU <-> cache <-> memory path, but other explinations include stray alpha particles randomly flipping a bit, and of course, software bugs.

I'm pretty convinced it's not a LambdaMOO issue (if it were we should be able to reproduce it with the same hour old database before the panic), which leaves my custom compiled kernel, and the hardware as the possible culprits.

Take your pick.

One day I may upgrade the kernel to a newer version, but as this one has been solid save a few panics after 2+ months straight of uptime, It's not a priority. Why fix what's (mostly) not broken?