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Super dumb MuClient question
Yes I know

It's says "Press 'Menu' to Add a World". Where exactly is the menu button?

Apparently you can't use MuClient if your device doesn't have a menu button. Alternatives?

But thanks to Cyanogenmod you can assign a menu button. Problem solved.

Damn this thread is weird.

Also somehow there are two of these. Please delete one or both.

Now I have a real issue. When I try to connect to Sindome I get the message

error: no peer cerificate

If I try and input something the message changes:

error: No peer certificateSocket is closed

I honestly can't offer any advice regarding external clients. Why not use the webclient?

Because I'm mobile. Can you use the webclient with mobile browsers?


I have had the best success with Lensdroid and, to an extent, Blowtorch (the test version is fine too). Those are Android. Muclient closes when you navigate away from it as does the web client.

I use the webclient on mobiles unless I know that I am going to need another web window, and I know the webclient will disconnect on my mobile device when I try to use a different webpage in another tab like using the grid, for example. so in this case my solution is to stop using the webclient and log in to the MOO over a bare bones telnet client for a short time. This app doesn't disconnect from the MOO while I use the web (grid).

Then when I'm done with gridmail or whatever, I get back to the webclient to resume RP.

Regarding the peer-certificate proble,m, it sounds to me like your Sindome settings in the client are configured to connect over ssh and not telnet. Check e security preferences in those settings and make sure it isn't trying to use encryption or a non-telnet protocol. I don't know anything about your client, so I can't tell you where or how to foind this particular setting.