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Web Client Problems
Can't load the page

I've been having trouble connecting to the web client recently. Usually, I type: and connect from there directly, but recently it doesn't load for me and I have to spend a long time spamming the reload button until it finally does connect. I know it's not my internet problem because I don't have trouble accessing any other websites, including the Sindome website.

I tried getting to the web client via the website and then the "Play Now" button that eventually leads to: but it still takes a lot of reloading and a ridiculous amount of time. I've also tried restarting my computer, but it made no difference.

Any suggestions/solutions?

OS/browser? Are you using a proxy/VPN/onion?

I'm using a Mac and Chrome. And not using VPN or anything.

I'm on mobile Chrome (android);the client won't load at all. I press the login on the authorization page and it doesn't do anything. My password and username are fine. I'm not using a VPN right now. The connect manually button works.