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Weird problems
in SD

Alright... I log in as my player right?
But like I'm frozen... its like my buffer is stopped and none of my commands go through and they never echo back... I tried to log in as guest to see if an admin could help me but it did it there too... Soooo Anyone else frozen like this?  I have been since sometime last night.

Also, the messages on the game come to me, such as TV commercials. They echo to me, but nothing i send does anything.

(Edited by Tool at 1:33 pm on Nov. 12, 2005)


If someone sees my char, which they might or might not, in the next few minutes to hours.. or if any admin see him, please $void, as I am at the moment frozen.

If any players see him, ahh, er.. don't attack him please?..