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What's goin' on here?
I want to know what is going on here.

So, umm, yeah.  Is it down?

Difficulties are being experianced.

Please stand by.

The problem has been identified, and we are in the process of fixing it.

A message will be posted when the Moo is available again.

:o :( :angry:


:bugeyed: :boom:



Meet the MOO :)
Now the MOO is :beaten:
Why the MOO is that way :ar15: :boom: :aug:

(Edited by Hirononbu at 3:41 pm on July 11, 2003)

Well the MOO didn't go down, but the DNS was temporailly confused, which made it unreachable unless you knew the address, or were allready connected.

It's been fixed. Game on!