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@bug and how to use it
It's not for ideas.

Re-read this if you already read it.  I'm re-writing it.

We are happy to read constructive feedback about the game.  If you want to use @bug to do it, then that's cool.  If an admin tells you to @bug something, anything, go ahead.

Just remember, if you have an idea, consider posting it in the ideas forum, or if you think something should be done differently.  That allows the rest of the players to give feedback, and admin as well.

(Edited by Slither at 6:01 pm on Aug. 31, 2008)

the gun thing, that was  me, J-man told me to bug it, then we (read he) figured out what happened. So ya.. thereyago.

Some of you may have noticed, our bug system is a bit more 'open' and informative now. When anyone changes certain information or does certain actions on bugs, a notification system will send you a little message telling you what the change was.

Often times, it'lll be a note added followed by a status change as we go thru the bugs and fix them.

If you file a private bug, we won't advertise this information to everyone. Instead, we'll just let you know.

Keep in mind, you'll only see this stuff if you're connected when we're fixing bugs, so you might miss our fixes. As always, we'll continue to document the important ones on the bug fix forum.