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@rules update
Please check out the updates @rules

The @rules have been updated. Specifically the Offensive OOC Behavior section. Everyone should check out 2.G Community Harm. Hence forth known as the 'Don't be a Dick' rule.

2.H Community Harm, 2.G is Admin Harassment.

The @rules should be updated to reflect that any rules there are referencing players using Xhelp should also be in play with Admins. Thank you, have a good day

Say what you mean.

This proposed update to @rules text is not necessary. An admin playing their own character (alt) is bound by the same @rules as non-admin players, this does not need to be spelled out.

If you believe some admin is breaking some rule, don't just post an obscure message on BGBB, do what you would do if it were a player you didn't believe was an admin playing their alt.

Alright, what I mean to say is that Admins (not admin-alts) should be held to the same rules of using xhelp that players are.

I still have no idea what you're saying or what you mean, so, without some example of what you think someone's doing wrong, I'll forget about this.