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I believe some characters (petite and possibly tall ones) ostensibly can't get the attractive, good-looking, or engaging descriptors/adjectives before their names. With item usage, I had irresistible charisma, and there wasn't any change in the wording of my character's short description.

The adjective which you see in your "@stats" acreen or your "@assign ue" screen are not directly related to the adjective you can see in someone's shortdesc.

It takes a lot of spending of UE on charisma before you get there.

There's no bug here.

One more thing about this:

While you are spending UE on charisma, you won't see your shortdesc change just from the change in the stat until you do something else which changes your shortdesc -changing the clothing item which is spelled in your shortdes, or, changing your identifer ("@shortdesc change", words like girl, chica, woman, etc.)

Many's been the time someone over-invested in charisma and unexpectedly went past the investment necessary to change the sdjective because they didn't immediatly see it when they exited "@assign ue" and tried to look at themselves to see if they has picked up a new adjective.

Lin is right, if you raise your charisma and want to see if your shortdesc has changed, remove and re-wear an article of clothing.

There are no barriers to who can get the 'good' shortdescs, I can also speak from experience that 'petite' and 'tall' characters definitely get them. The changes just don't happen instantly.

Also, having high charisma alone is not sufficient to get those shortdescs. Charisma is divided into two substats, appearance and charm. Your appearance substat has to be high enough to meet the level for the next step up on the 'attractiveness scale'. Two people with the exact same level of charisma may have different shortdescs for how they look.

We've had players that were midgets and very attractive that had the shortdesc descriptions accordingly.