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And other ways to get new players

So, since there has been a lack of players on recently, I've decided to do some marketing for Sindome.  

I've got a Google Adwords campaign running, with enough money in it to keep it going for several months.  I've also sent an e-mail to MudConnect to renew an ad I had paid to put on that site for awhile.  

If you all want to help out, here are some things you can do (that don't require you to pay any monies)

#1 Tell people!  Get your friends to play.  

#2 Put a link to on your website or blog.  This will not only help to get people to the site, but it will also help to raise our search engine rankings.

#3 Sign on and STAY on.  I see a lot of you guys sign on, @who, and then sign off.  Yes, I -see- you do it.  Yes, if no one's on, it's hard to RP.  But if no one stays on then everyone who @who's including guests and other players, will see no one on and also not stay.  Being on also gives GMs a chance to interact with you.. but that requires that you leave your cubes!

#4 Vote for us on,  It really does help get new players on.

Anyone else with ideas on how to promote the game, please list them here!

Our MudConnector Ad is now live.


We gotta pay heed to this more than ever now, guys.

Seriously, log in whenever you can. If you're doing something else on the computer, log in anyway, have the MOO in the background and multitask. We need to show whatever newbies we might get that people still actually play, and they (and anyone else for that matter) definetly won't be motivated by an empty @who list. So just get in there, and if no one else is around, just idle around to make it look like someone is in there if nothing else.

Everyone who sees this remember to vote! I do on 2 of the 3 links on the main page, only because I don't have an account for the top one, but I'll likely make one.  I don't enough and I need to do it more and need help.  I also think tho Idling is normally frowned upon if you can be on and either try to make stuff happen, wait for something to happen to you, or even just make it look like stuff's happening for noobs it can't hurt.
Idling for UE is not allowed, Idling while you wait for RP is not against the rules.  Just make sure you are keeping an eye on the MOO, stay active on the SIC or OOC channels, etc.
So how do we earn UE in the current system?
I may have missed something in the code, and if so hopefully another admin can clarify, but this is how it appears to me. This is also more of a question to be asked over xhelp instead of derailing the current subject.

Your character can be granted up to 3 UE per day. The UE cycles every 3 hours. You get 1 UE for logging in, which is granted at the next cycle. After that, if you are still logged in you will get another UE at the next cycle and again after that. If you were disconnected, but connected for more than 3 hours then you will receive a UE. The cycle resets at midnight.

I'd also like to note that it is frowned upon to just log in and then log out two seconds later for the sole purpose of trying to grab UE. Players have been warned about this in the past. If I'm reading the code right, they should only receive one UE for their first connection of the day, so doing this multiple times is pointless.

I absolutely agree that everyone who logs in should make a reasonable attempt at finding some kind of RP and not just check for GMs and log in. I know I have all sorts of things I can do while online that don't require a GM or even other players.

So I don't think anyone else should have any trouble with it either.

On the UE distribution system this is how it works.

3 UE is handed out over 24 hrs on specific 3 hour intervals.

For EST time zone the new day starts at 10pm for the first UE.

so 10pm, 1am, 4am, 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and back to 10pm. This completes the UE cycle and you can get up to 3UE if you log in one minute before each interval is hit, you don't actually have to be online more than 1 second to get your UE.

I only shared this because the system is being discussed by GMs above. Feel free to censor this post though!

And again, anyone that abuses this system should have the UE taken away and if I do it, please be sure to let me know because I try to make a good attempt at doing something ingame when I log in to hit my UE intervals.

I believe (although I can't confirm) that the UE system was supposedly changed so that FS's description is more correct (You'll only get away with logging in for a few seconds to get a UE once per day, the 2nd and 3rd UE of the day require a certain amount of time online before they'll be awarded).

I'll also mention that having being back as a GM for under a week I've already flagged one player logging on/off for a few seconds just before the UE cycle runs. You know who you are... and I'm watching you. ;)