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Auto emotes/quotes with coded actions
Because not every interaction is the same

There are some coded actions that force your character to emote beyond doing a routine sort of action - saying certain things or sighing, for example. While I can appreciate the game wanting to give players a full experience, it's awkwardly forced my RP at certain times. There are some procedures that are worse with this than others. Has anyone else come across this issue and found it to be awkward for RP? This isn't across the board - only in certain interactions.

I won't name specifics, but I'd love to know the thought behind why some things were coded this way.

Thanks :)

My view has always been that behavioural feedback given to the player to guide their roleplay should be the default unless the action absolutely must be involuntary, for example coughing or sneezing when sick or attacking a character during a PDS attack.

It's been my experience that players simply filter out canned emotes because they're often so out of place otherwise, or don't integrate into the current roleplay as issued, or are simply too repetitious to keep responding to.

I find them more immersion breaking than immersion contributing but I know that some players prefer some roleplay automation and for certain actions to always happen the same way.