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You been gone, baka.

Backpay is meh and may reward being gone. You should only get paid up to 2 weeks with an absence I think! I know this can be dealt with in character, but it's always seemed like a reward for being a passive collector. It's not as much as an issue because bosses check in and don't like lazy employees, but I just don't think it's necessary when you haven't logged in or bothered to pick up your check. Just a thought.
Thanks for the thoughts here.

We deliberated about this a few times over the years and it is already capped at the amount we want it capped at. Sindome is a game and we need to treat it as such. Not everyone can play all the time, and we don't want to run people off that hit a busy time in their IRL life.

GMs already monitor high traffic positions that require someone be around a lot (WCS Greeter for example) and make sure they are staffed by people logging in regularly.