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Binoculars and rooftop edges
The goggles! They do nothing!

I did some OOC testing with a GM a while back, and apparently binoculars support "aiming" over the edges of rooftops as a sniper rifle would (just without the shooting part). Although the thing is, whereas a sniper rifle seems to allow one to "observe" the area below the edge in the manner of seeing things happening there (with the downside of being completely blind to the area one currently is in), but the binoculars upon using the 'aim over x edge' command... Seem to do nothing but bring out the message "You put the binoculars to your eyes". That's it. Nothing else happens.

I am assuming that this is simply a case of the code of the binoculars being forgotten and left unfinished, and I myself would really like to actually use this feature. I'd rather not have my character get a sniper rifle just for the purpose of spying on the streets from above.

Thought I'd just bring this to attention.

(Edited by Xcenocide at 7:23 pm on June 16, 2010)

Binoculars are a sweet, sweet tool for desert scouting, too. I have a question, though: are the distance you can see objects at based on a concrete "zooms out 10 rooms" or does it depend on weather, or on character perception stats?
Or all of the above?

I think the effective zoom range is decided by both the actual zooming capabilities of the binoculars and how "busy" the area you are zooming into is. Or something along those lines, I forget how the exact explanation went. But for example, if you set your zoom up to, say, x7, and try to scan with them down Knife Street, you'll only get a garbled mess of lights and stuff. Not sure if weather plays into effect though, but I suppose it would make sense in the badlands if it did.

Bump to see if anyone else happens to care about this