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Too few information

Currently both bounties and WJH Most Wanted board only give an alias of a person, and zero other information.

Some submitted bounties also add info about possible whereabouts, but still no description.

So as long as you do not introduce yourself by alias you give when you take loan, you are absolutely invincible to loan sharks.

I propose adding a short phsyical description to that information, like a mugshot.

Loaning company DOES have a whole DNA sample, since reclamation booth checks bodies, so I do not thing a mugshot would be such a stretch.

Bounties as a whole need a complete overhaul, really, particularly the illegal ones.

I've been interested in this system for a while OOCly. What is the proper way to go about this in the meantime? I understand that you can go through the loaning agency to find out more information about a particular bounty.

However, with the illegal bounties where you won't necessarily be able to get in touch with the (anonymous) bounty poster, this won't work quite as smoothly. If this is the case it's not very realistic that an illegal bounty is ever claimed (short of it being the alias of a high profiling criminal or celebrity (and even then mistakes could be made, a likeness could be killed)). Is there some suspension of disbelief at work here or should we hold tight for an update? Or simply not take the bounty if we can't procure further information in-game on the target?