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Boys in The Hood-IES
A short rant on the perception of Hoodies IC...

My character wears a hoodie a lot of the time. As such, I have been the victim of what I am going to call "Clothsial Profiling". As someone who spends a lot of time on Red, I find the hoodie to be a powerful tool in protecting myself. Now, When I go topside for whatever reason, I get a lot of attitude by other players about how out of place wearing my hoodie is. This seems pretty Meta to me in the grand scheme of things. A city bursting with people, and weather that always seems to be shitty, combines to create a setting I see as having lots of people wearing clothes with hoods. From coats, to wind breakers, to hoodies, these are not just for bank robbers, or drug dealers. Look around you today. I know where I live, in the northern midwest, people wear hoods all the time. People from all walks of life. To immediately comment how out place a hood is on gold, I think is a mistake in RP. At least, try and combine the hoodie with the other context of clothing and description a player has before commenting how out of place their hood is.

I see now, this prolly should have gone in theme instead. Sorry about that.

Actually it is themely.

What people are reacting to isn't necessarily the specific item of clothing (though hoodies are ghetto, they're not GQ).

What they're reacting to is what your character is acting like. Specifically, your character is using skills and tools to actively put effort into concealing their identity.

In the ghetto that kind of behavior gets a different kind of reaction than in a world of professionals and privilege.

Historically you'd expect to see a corpie in a hoodie by default and anyone else below Gold would have been in a shroud before they became less common.

I do agree with Linekin on this one, you're making an attempt to disguise yourself from others around you. No matter what the ambient population is, in a city like Withmore that is known to have terrorist activity on Gold, etc you'd do well to be suspicious of anyone trying to remain unnoticed.

Branching out from that, I do remember a conversation way back when about more high-tech corpie like disguises including neck fitted hologram disguises, or the classic version of Total Recall alternative, maybe even a fashionable/trendy head worn product that covers your distinguishing facial features without making you look like an outcast among colleagues.

While having the latest in disguise technology might draw more attention once it's exposed it might just generate that much more RP in turn, which is never a bad thing.

At the very least the super rich... in theory ... should be able to pay for edgy, near-perfect prototype toy that has a good chance for critical failure. What's more CP than that? :)

I think the current IC disguises should be nuked. Hoodies, shroud, etc while being fantastic uses of disguise don't really fit the theme and can be circumvented pretty easily in RL.

I think all disguises should be technology based. Imagine a dynamic camouflage cloak that works but requires some type of training because if you move wrong using it - it doesn't work effectively, etc...or maybe even cyberskin with a limited time frame ala flashboost that requires you to be naked. Let's make it more CP people!

I'm getting the Ghost in the Shell vibe from your post. In the original movie the Major was nearly nude for her optic camouflage to function and it was pretty damn awesome but had major flaws which would provide for good balance as a game item.

Fast movement produced an obvious blur that would be a perception check.

You still generate heat.

You need to not be wearing armor, etc making you vulnerable.

Any type of contact with water made the optic camouflage short out either entirely or intermittently

Also, i'm pretty sure this has been brought up both OOC and ICly at some point in the MOO but sounds like it never made the cut.