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Breaking shit
Is big brother watching?

One thing that�s missing in Sindome is the ability to just smash things.

Like my character has started to notice a lot of small black security camera�s appearing in Red. He�s starting to get paranoid knowing someone is watching. And he isn�t even one of the crazy ones.

In a sector where there is meant to be hourly crime �chummers� getting robbed for their shoes and choombaka�s littering the streets for slight mistakes. It�s a dark gritty world.

Except there are camera�s worth almost 10,000 Chyen on a lot of street corners. And nobody is attempting to rip them from the walls to feed their starving children?
Nobody is smashing in the lenses right before they stab some unlucky Immi for his lunch? Nobody is cutting the cord because they are sick of being watched?
It just seems out of place in a sector where the law isn�t welcome and neither is surveillance.

I was going to suggest maybe people should be able to smash and or steal them. It's not like its exactly hard to undo a couple of screws and rip them from the walls.
Or at least smash them up so they stop recording until the owner has them repaired.

There are ways to do this.