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How to perhaps make them theme, but let people opt out

So there have been a few occasions recently where a certain firm has decided to up it's game by broadcasting sensationalist content.

This is not a complaint about theme. I want to be very clear on that. This is a discussion about how to make the game a little more inclusive/accessible. I completely understand that adult/dark/grim topics are going to be in the game and have NO issues with that. I have little issue that the plots that happened are in the game and as long as the players who were central too it are fine, then as a certain GM would say, "Game on!"

However, there are those of us who perhaps have more delicate constitutions, or whatever, and don't want to "see/participate" in that type of content. Normally we would be allowed a FTB. (Thank you GMs for giving plenty of warning on this.) Frankly, I'd have no problem if my character was ever tortured or whatever, but... I would ask for a FTB and deal with the consequences and aftermath later. You don't need my sobby backstory other than to say I don't want to act that out in RP. I respect that it can happen, I can deal with aftermath, but I don't want to actually participate in that scene.

With that said, we have little option to actually avoid a dome wide broadcast. I can't go in my closet, I can't go hide in a basement, there is NO avoiding it other than to log off. (Which is what I did). It would be nice if there was a setting for broadcasts. While Some Broadcasts should be domewide (certain digital entities perhaps), but the rest should only broadcast where there would reasonably be a screen. If you're in a closet, a holding cell, the archives, a vehicle, a conference room, the park, etc... it would be nice to have that sealed off.

It would do two things. One, it gives me an in game tool to manage my comfort both ICly and OOCly. Two, even if it is not content I'm avoiding, it gives me space to run my own plots/scenes without having it disrupt what might otherwise be more interesting RP for me. Both of these I think are important for the game. Not every domewide plot will be of interest to all characters. We're a wide playerbase and everyone has different motivations.

I have a guess that I know why this is coded as it is, but if there was an easy way to make some rooms not accept broadcasts, then it would be a pretty good addition that let's people like myself get essentially the FTB version through PubSIC and/or continue on with our own plots and stories.

Again, I want to say, thank you for giving us warning. I don't want to ruin other people's plots and fun. I get that this is theme and it's a world I love and want to play in. Just looking for a logical tool that gives me options to help manage MY issues in a logical manner without having to leave the game.

I'll echo this. For starters, while I appreciate the warning, perhaps it would be appropriate to give a little more information besides just "If you are OOC uncomfortable by this game's content, or about IC events about to proceed. Take some time for yourself and log off now." The game's "content" covers a vast array of things that people may find objectionable, and each person's tolerance and comfort level will be different depending on the subject. Some people may be fine with extremes in some areas, while they shy away completely from other topics. I understand the need not to give away IC information, but it would be helpful to at least give some vague sense of the nature of the content that was about to happen. Frankly, the warning given was so vague that I was uncertain what it referred to, and given the rest of the wording in the message ("We *will* treat each other out of game with respect, and personal insults or attacks will not be tolerated. Please be adults."), I thought it must be in response to some argument or other unpleasantness that had taken place in the OOC channel or here on the BGBB. As such, I was a bit blindsided when I came into the middle of some of the broadcast content.

Content issues aside, being able to turn off broadcasts would be helpful for other reasons (as Dancingroo noted). In particular, there are times when I've found the broadcasts to come so quickly, with several posts one after another, that it interferes with anything else I may be doing, causing significant scroll and making it hard to follow what's happening at my location vs. what's happening on a screen somewhere.