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Character Problems

I haven't played this game for a year, maybe more, and when I first did I didn't understand it at all. Now I want to try this game out again, following the video tutorial to understand the game fully, but I'm having problems with the characters.

Mainly can I delete my character? Its much easier for me to learn from the start this way, if not then I'm having problems with resetting the password (the button "Reset Password" doesn't do anything at all).

There's a helpfile on how to get a new character.

"Help suicide"

Thanks, but I can't get into my character.

I think after a certain amount of time characters are wiped out from the MOO. I was in a similar situation when I started again recently, and I reached out via xhelp as a guest, I believe. I think what I ended up doing was creating a new character, and then tied that character back to my website login.

FWIW, My old character still shows up in my "Characters" list on this site, but it doesn't exist on the MOO.

I can't get into my character

That would have been a helpful detail to put in the FIRST post.

Okay, so, connect to the game as a Guest. Once on a Guest login, type the @register command.

That should work. If you don't get an email with new account/login/temp-character details, use XHELP while connected as a Gust OR email

And please help us help you. Include specific details about the problem so that we don't have to play Twenty Questions in response. Thanks and good luck.

Sorry, I wrote it while I was drowsy. I hoped the "can't reset password" made that clear, but lesson learned I guess. Thanks for the help, I'll see if it works.

No need to act so entitled, Linekin, but thanks for the info it help with my problem as well.