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Crazy UE amount? Science baka.
Scientific Notation.

If you ever @stats and see a crazy 3.42394829347293487293872-eu amount of UE. This is not a bug. This is science.

In fact, it's because you have a very very very small amount of UE, something close to zero, with lots of decimal places of precision.

We could just show you 0.0 but then someone would complain about missing .0005ue and that would be sad. If you see people talking about having a weird UE issue like this-- please inform them. We get a lot of bug submissions about this.


-- S

Maybe add it as part of a Play Tip?

I'm not rewarding stupidity.

I am sure that there are a few smart and fun players that have either never learned scientific notation or may have forgotten all about it after learning it 30 years ago and never using it. It doesn't make them stupid though. Lack of knowledge/education != stupidity.

I totally understand that you might not want to award UE though. No problem with that at all.

I understand. This got me as well when I was a player. I was like, wtf is this weird ass number of UE I have. That's why I made the post :)